Skyline Indie Commercial [BETA]

Skyline Indie Commercial [BETA]
Skyline Indie Commercial [BETA] Skyline Indie Commercial [BETA] Skyline Indie Commercial [BETA] Skyline Indie Commercial [BETA] Skyline Indie Commercial [BETA] Skyline Indie Commercial [BETA] Skyline Indie Commercial [BETA]
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Skyline Game Engine Beta - Commercial Indie Edition, this gives you the full power of skyline with the ability to export and sell your game commercially. No Royalties, No Restrictions, No Fuss and Earn as much as you can from all of your games -  . You also get an extra license for installation to another PC/User

This is a one off payment for the current version of Skyline including a year of free auto updates. Following yearly updates must be paid for to use the auto update feature.

So what do you get!

  • Commercial licence to sell your game. No royalties, earn as much as you want!
  • You get 2 Licenses to be used how you like, use one on a main PC the other on a lap top or even pass one to your friend ;)
  • The engine will be fully featured including all platforms for that current version of skyline including any platform upgrades.
  • 1 years free auto updates to keep your version up to date with all new features and fixes. This includes any major revision upgrades. Serial keys start on the day of activation. 
  • 1 years free technical email support.
  • Feature requests for specific C++ actions or editor/engine additions for your project; if these are small they may make it in the next auto update.
  • One kick ass bit of game development technology with an ever expanding feature set.
  • Complete WYSIWYG game development environment including all of the tools required to manage your assets and create a great game.
  • Chance to be a online Skyline vendor on our asset store to sell any assets, particle effects, materials, shaders etc.
  • If Skyline has the feature you now have access to it.
  • A place in our hearts for being so cool by buying our software :)

For a full list of features see here: Features list

Feature Limitations:

  • The splash screens will have a “powered by Skyline” splash page for Skyline branding.

Note: Windows XP users will have to use alternative .exe files otherwise your OS (Operating System) will not see the application as a valid win32 application. Please contact support if you are an XP user and encounter any issues with running Skyline game engine.


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