Pause Menu Script

Pause Menu Script
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This is a rough script at the moment and I will update the post with a full demo scene of the working script when complete.

I thought I would post it and update it as I go because time is limited at the moment and I only get 5 mins here 5 mins there on the editor.

I will be updating teh script to use the systems game states.

How to use:
Place this script in your scene script of every level that you want a pause menu.

How the script works is by disabling the esc to quit the game and you press Esc to enter the pause menu, this then calls a GUI with buttons that can be what ever you want in your pause menu examples of buttons:


  • continue game
    exit to main menu
    exit to desktop

This script gives you a general starting point for your own in game pause menu.


Created by liamgibbins

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Tags: script, pause, menu, gui
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