EULA - Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Asset(s) - This refers to the package you are buying. This could be meshes, textures, shaders, etc...
Skyline Engine - This refers to the Skyline Game Engine - Commercial Indie version.
aRa Aurasoft - This is the company that owns the "Skyline Engine" and all websites to do with such under this domain name.
Vendor - These are the 3rd Party artists who have uploaded their packs to sell or give away on the Skyline Game Engine - AssetStore.

Vendor Assets & Offical Assets

When purchasing any "Asset" from the Skyline Game Engine - AssetStore, you are subject to the terms set by the Vendor on the "Asset" page.
Some "Assets" will be commercial and other assets will be Non-Commercial. It should say in the description. If you are unsure, then please contact the owner of the "Asse
You do not own or have copyright of that asset, you may only use the "Asset" in your game, scene or level under the license applied.

If the Vendors terms are unreasonable, please contact sales and we will talk to them to find out why.

This section does not apply or cover the "Skyline Engine", please read the next section for that.

aRa Aurasoft - Skyline Game Engine Commercial Indie Version

The "Skyline Engine" is licensed to you to use upon purchase. You should recieve a download and a serial on the downloads page of your account after purchase.
You do not own or have copyrights to the "Skyline Engine", but when purchased, that version is yours to use to make commercial project or free projects with as you wish.
There is a recurring yearly fee for updates that you may or may not pay for. Regardless if you license expires on updates, you can still use the version you last updated to commercially.

"Skyline Engine" belongs to aRa Aurasoft alone, and may only be represented as so.
All Logos and press pack artwork belong to aRa Aurasoft and may not be misused or misrepresented in any way.
aRa Aurasoft & "Skyline Engine" are not liable for any damages, problems, issues caused due to misuse or correct usage of the product or services.

"Skyline Engine" once purchased cannot be returned or refunded. Please contact sales if there is a major problem and we will see what we can do.
aRa Aurasoft & 
"Skyline Engine" takes no responsibility for purchases & refunds made from 3rd party artists, but will do its up most to moderate and test the "Assets".


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