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Welcome to the new and improved documentation, it is currently in development and is a living and breathing thing.

This documentation will be getting updated and new sections added over time, we hope to get all the information that we need as soon as possible and have designed the quick starts to help you get used to the workflow in the Skyline Game Engine as smooth and painlessly as possible.

This comprehensive documentation is currently under construction.
Any questions relating to the Documentation please PM epsilonion via the forum.

There is so much changing to the Skyline platform and these documentations will be changed to accommodate the new layouts and workflows as they happen, this means that this documentation may not be applicable to the 1st generation of skyline but the principles are still the same.

Quick Starts & Guides

If your new to the Skyline Development Platform to get creating your projects as soon as possible the documentation has been structured so that one guide follows another:

Getting started with skyline - Gives a general overview and basic knowledge of the system and workflow.
Level Designers Guide - Following on from the Getting started guide that introduces scripts examples and workflow.
Artists Quick Start - Folllowing on from the Level Designers Guide that has information on creating materials, shaders and importing your objects into the Skyline resource files

Getting Started

Getting started with Skyline Game Engine
The Getting started with Skyline quick start is designed for complete beginners and an introduction to the Skyline Game Engine.

The Level Designers Guide
This is based around objects, meshes and assets that make up the scene/level and related subjects

The Artisis Guide
This is based around materials, textures and artist related subjects including importing objects into the Skyline Game Engine to be used within your scenes/levels.



User Manual

The Skyline Game Engine Users Manual, this explains each feature and editor in the Skyline development platform, it is more indepth than the quick starts.

Engine Manual

This is the Skyline Development Platform Manual, it is very in depth and is normally used by advanced users and or developer groups and companies.

Asset Store Manuals


User Created Manuals

This topic section covers all the user written tutorials.
Here we may cover doing quick tasks using a Skyline toolset or make a tutorial on creating a game.

User Created Manuals & Tutorials

Skyline Tutorials

Under development - Coming Soon!
Various Short tutorials to help you get the most out of Skyline…..

Beginner Ideas:
1) Simple dynamic object: add cube + add rotate from RMB
2) Simple vehicle: add cube + add car body
3) Fun with explosion: add template scene + RMB add dynamic FPS and blow up some barrels.
4) More Weapon Power: use FPS simple template - duplicate orks, set player weapon to have more power, add rocks with RMB physics body.
5) AI Follow Path: use FPS simple template - make ork follow path.
6) Simple Terrain: add terrain + heightmap + RMB add dynamic monster truck
7) Clickable Objects: add a micro script to an object to make it clickable then duplicate it.
8) Simple Scene Script: add a scene script and print to the screen.
9) Import a Model: How to import your model into Skyline
10) Convert FBX: batch convert a folder of FBX's + drag drop to scene
11) Simple scene save with image: Save a scene and take a snapshot for its thumbnail
12) Simple Preset introduction: add a preset or two the a scene
13) Save a preset with Image: save a custom preset and make a thumbnail.
14) Texture to Material: Make a material out of a texture.
15) Uber Upgrade: upgrade a material to Uber
16) Material Shiney: make something shiny!
17) Material Transparent: make something transparent - opaque
18) Material Alpha: make something use alpha - fence,leaves
19) Model makeover: make my model look great (material)
20) Simple add an effect: add a particle to the scene and use animate mode.
21) Pickup items; health, ammo, weapon all from one pickup action.

Useful software

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