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Installing Skyline

Welcome to the Skyline Game engine Documentation.

These next few documents will get your version of skyline installed and get you up and running to using the engine showing how to open game templates, run scenes using the player and the most important aspect of all; exporting your game to a final .exe for other people to play or even buy.

If you have not downloaded your free copy of skyline yet, then please go to this link and follow the first page of installation.

With all those documents covered under your belt, why not check out the artist manual and learn the ins and outs of our game engine. Before you know it, you will be a skyline pro making all manner of games. Perhaps you will be making the next big blockbuster!

We would also advise that you go and watch all the video tutorials created by User “TattieBoJangle” on the forum:
TattieBoJangle Video Tutorials

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